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Preparing Coastside children for a life of success and happiness through play.

Thank You!
Thank you to all our donors over the winter season during our annual donor appeal. Your support will help our teachers achieve their goals in well executed learning experiences and environments for the children. Whether it’s exploring autumn colors or learning about kale, your contribution will give children more tools and opportunities to fall in love with learning.

Did you know a donation of…
$2,500 = materials for 2 school-age classrooms for the entire school year
$1,325 = engaging summer learning for a child for half the summer
$1,060 = first aid/CPR certification for entire CCP staff
$500 = providing healthy snacks for one month to our largest center
$100 = professional development for 1 semester for a teacher

Make a donation now to support quality early learning in our community!
Spotlight on a Teacher
AllisonAllison has been with CCP for 9 years and started off her career in early childhood education at Montara as an Aide and substituting for the HMB Preschool, where she eventually accepted a teaching position.

News & Upcoming Events
San Mateo County's The Big Lift Initiative & CCP
The Cabrillo Unified School District, CCP and Cabrillo Education Fund have come together as the lead agencies to apply for preschool dollars from The Big Lift.
CCP and Bridging the Transition between Preschool and Elementary School
CCP works closely with the Cabrillo Unified School District (CUSD) on an initiative to provide consistent and aligned high quality learning opportunities for children in preschool through third grade.
Teacher Professional Development supported by Morris Stulsaft Foundation
3/2014, Morris Stulsaft Foundation has granted us a generous $10,000 to support the professional development efforts of our teaching staff.
Kinder Morgan Foundation to support Jr Math Blasters 6/13/2013, We are so excited to have Kinder Morgan Foundation support some of the math work that is already going on in the before/after school centers at CCP.
Gingerbread House ContestFree play is important, it gives children time to explore what interests them and to use their great imaginations. However, the work at CCP doesn’t stop there (see the free art in photo from our El Granada PreK), it’s only the start.
interactive animal experiences at CCPInteractive Animal Experiences at CCP
Tree Frog Treks has been wildly popular with the CCP school-age children – we’ve brought them to all of our school-age centers at least once! Read more...
Walter and Elle Rau (CCP Half Moon Bay School-Age family) show off a large centipede with no fearRaising Financially Responsible Children
On November 9, 2010 we had a wonderful workshop, conducted by Raymond Luk and Jenny Yu from New York Life, on how to raise financially responsible children. Read more...
Cigna Foundation supports CCP Healthy Habits
Coastside Children’s Programs (CCP) was just awarded a $6,400 grant front the Cigna Foundation for our Healthy Habits Program. Read more...
Walter and Elle Rau (CCP Half Moon Bay School-Age family) show off a large centipede with no fearNew Sandbox at CCP Half Moon Bay!
Thank you so much to Eric Dean’s Family for the donation of a new sandbox to the CCP Half Moon Bay Preschool center!! Read more...

Walter and Elle Rau (CCP Half Moon Bay School-Age family) show off a large centipede with no fearWild Things!
On May 19, 2010, with funding from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, CCP held a fascinating and informative family workshop – Wild Things! Read more...
Walter and Elle Rau (CCP Half Moon Bay School-Age family) show off a large centipede with no fear.
Video about David Aliamus, Site Supervisor at CCP Half Moon BayChildren's Award Winner!
David Aliamus wins the 2009 Mary Elizabeth Griffin Children's Award

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